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RCSCC President

Letter from the
RCSCC President,
Kim Mitchell

We recovered in record time thanks to our amazing Governor, Ron DeSantis and local elected officials, like State Rep. Bob Rommell and District 1 County Commissioner, Rick LoCastro.  These outstanding public servants, among others, rolled up their sleeves and worked tirelessly to ensure their constituents were getting the resources they needed to rebuild.  


The aftermath of a category 4 hurricane coming ashore did not deter us from having great success in the November election.


Republicans brought more than a category 4, Red Wave across the Great, Free State of Florida and Collier County.  We had overwhelmingly decisive victories in the November election giving us our first Republican Super Majority in over a decade, delivering unfettered legislative control in both chambers of congress.


We met our goal of re-electing Governor DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio.  Here in District 1, we acquired US Rep Mario Diaz-Balart, 

due to redistricting.  He was also re-elected to his seat and honored our club with a private luncheon in March.


Collier County secured a Conservative Republican majority on our School Board by winning all 3 districts that were up for election as well as adding two new Constitutional, Conservative, Republican County Commissioners in districts 2 and 4.


None of this could have taken place without many hardworking, dedicated volunteers.  Our club, along with the other Collier County GOP clubs and the Republican Executive Committee all contributed to the success.  


Our club hosted numerous outstanding events during our 2022-23 season.  


We gathered on the beach in February for our annual fundraiser  celebrating Valentine’s Day in Patriotic fashion.  The Ben Allen Band, entertained us as together we joined in an overwhelming display of love of country.  


Our Eat, Drink and Be Right events featured dynamic speakers bringing us the most up to date information on relevant, weighty topics.  Erika Donalds informed us on the State of Education and Kerri Toloczko brought us up to speed on Voter Integrity to mention a few.  


The last event of the season was a tremendous display of unity.  All of our local GOP clubs came together to pay tribute to an outstanding Public Servant.  Jennifer Edwards, our Supervisor of Elections, retired after 40 years of service to Collier County.


Last season’s outstanding events resulted in sold out crowds and the need for more space.  

Our venue for Eat Drink & Be Right is moving to Fiddler’s Creek for the upcoming 2023-24 season.  



Mark your Calendars for these upcoming events:

November 27, 2023   Eat, Drink and Be Right  (ED&BR)

December 9, 2023   Marco Island Parade

January 29, 2024   ED&BR 

February 17, 2024   Annual Fund Raiser-The Ben Allen Band

February 26, 2024   ED&BR

March 25, 2024   ED&BR

April 22, 2024   ED&BR



We are very proud to unveil our newly re-vamped website that we believe is cutting edge.  


We have worked hard to make this the most informative, educational, accurate, easy to navigate, and relevant political website available. We think it looks great too!  Please take the time to look it over thoroughly and keep going back to get your daily club and elected official’s news.  You are going to love it.  Please share it with everyone you know.  RCSCC.US


One of our goals for the upcoming season, besides hosting great events, is to grow our membership.  Our focus will be to acquire a broader range of ages in our membership.  We will be specifically targeting 18-40 year olds providing fun and informative community challenges and opportunities to gather in the off season.  Check out our “Did You Know?” page for more information. 


The upcoming presidential race is of dire importance in order to save our beloved Republic.  


Everything is at stake in the 2024 election.  

Having a Republican super majority in our Florida Legislature, was a good start but that is not enough.   We have to take the momentum we have built here and capture a supermajority at the National level. 


We will be hyper focused on growing our Republican base by inviting all that share the vision of a return to the Founder’s intentions of; Freedom with moral constraints, a system of justice based on Judeo-Christian values, law and order to participate in civic responsibility by joining us to GOTV-Get Out The Vote.  


We have a strong team and will continue to strengthen it.  

We will continue to stay on top of legislative issues that affect our community, state and nation.  


We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improvements to the club, our endeavors and mission.  We are always striving to reach beyond our goals and to be as effective as possible at GOTV and promoting Republican values and candidates.



I represent the entire board in saying thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to another amazing season of hard work, comradery, and celebration of all has and will again make this country great.  



Kim Mitchell

President, RCSCC



Another Season in southwest Florida has come and gone.  Without a doubt, we had a challenging beginning to our 2022-23 season.  A direct hit from Hurricane Ian in late September forced us to cancel our first scheduled event.  Nevertheless, we forged ahead like the robust Republicans that we are and met the challenge with tremendous community support.  


RCSCC NEW LOGO 2021-A (2).png

September 2022 Letter from RCSCC President

On behalf of the Board of the Republican Club of South Collier County, I hope that you all have had an enjoyable summer.  We look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events and welcoming those of you who are up north back this fall.


As many of you know, I stepped away last year to address a family issue.  Knowing that I will now be able to give my full attention to growing the  RCSCC, the Board has asked me to return as President.   I appreciate their confidence in me and am looking forward to working with them to build a strong team focused on building Republican momentum on Marco Island and in the expanding areas in South Collier County. 


Right now, we need your help to elect Senator Rubio and Governor DeSantis along with the entire Republican ticket in November.   Make sure that your friends and neighbors who will not be here during in-person voting request their Vote-By-Mail ballot and follow up with them to mail their ballots. 


The Board is in the process of planning an exciting season of Republican events for Marco Island and the neighboring communities.  Our kick-off event will be a pre-election rally with candidates on October 22nd at Dolphin Point in conjunction with a flotilla under the direction of Capt. Steve Llloyd. 


Mark your calendars now for October 24th, November 28th, January 30th, February 27th, March 2th, April 24th, 5:30-7:30 our monthly happy hours are returning to Marco Island at the Mango’s Dockside Bistro These happy hours are a great way to meet Republicans and have conversation about topics of importance to us as conservatives.    Bring a friend or new neighbor and help us grow!


We look forward to hosting other special events as the season moves forward.  Please feel free to contact me with any ideas that you may have for additional events and/or venues that you feel will be a draw for our local Republicans.



Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Kim Mitchell

RCSCC NEW LOGO 2021-A (2).png
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