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Mission Statement

The Right Club Will;

  • reach out to undecided conservative voters. 

  • support Republican local officials and candidates who serve with integrity and govern with conservative and Godly values

  • focus on getting out the conservative vote 

  • increase awareness, bridge voter literacy gaps and allow voters to form their opinions from factual resources.

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We are very proud to now be "The Right Club of South Collier County".


Here is a little background on how the change came about ...

The Republican Club of South Collier County was chartered as a Republican Club for the last 12 years through the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).  Over these years, our members worked tirelessly at the polls, canvassed thousands of homes door-to-door and held many events, all of which successfully boosted the awareness of many Republican candidates and officials.   Thank you members and friends!


Unfortunately,  recent changes made to the Party Rules of Procedure by the RPOF State Executive Board would significantly impact our club’s activities, our funds and our membership.  Due to these changes, The Republican Club of South Collier County resigned our Republican Charter with the RPOF and, as a result of that move, we cannot use the word “Republican” or any of the party symbols for our club.   


Therefore,  "Republican" was taken out of our name and the The Right Club of South Collier County was borne.   We continue to be a not-for-profit organization.


Rest assured, we 100% believe in Republican conservative values and we are proud to be Americans who share a deep and abiding love of country, as well as an enduring support for law and order and the need for strong borders and stable immigration policies. 


During the upcoming critical months of this current election cycle, our Board of Directors and membership will continue to work tirelessly to reach undecided voters to support Republican candidates who have integrity and will govern with conservative and Godly values. 


Please join us to promote conservative values, meet 2024 candidates and gather with one another to enjoy a like-minded camaraderie and spirit.   

Share this website with friends and neighbors.  www.RCSCC.US

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