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Board Members
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Board and Executive Committee

Kim Mitchell and Donald Trump

Kim Mitchell


Event Chair

Gayle Latreille Vice President RCSCC

Gayle Latreille

Vice President

Litha Berger Marco Island Secretary RCSCC

Litha Berger


Club Founder

Nanette Rivera Treasurer RCSCC
Tamara Goehler Volunteer Chair RCSCC
Vincenzo Ruggeri Video Chair RCSCC

Nanette Rivera


Tamara Goehler

Executive Commitee

Volunteer Chair

Vincenzo Ruggieri

Executive Committee

Audio/Visual Chair

Kimberly Boobyer Committee Chair

Kim Boobyer

Executive Committee

Communications Chair

Garrett Smith Judy Smith Membership Chair RCSCC

Garrett and Judy Smith

Membership Chairs

Maryann Boerner Attendance RCSCC

Mary Ann Boerner

Event Attendance

Mary Fullenkemp Blog RCSCC

MaryLou Fullenkamp

Blog Contributor

Kimberly Bobbyer Blog RCSCC Conservative Mama Bear

Kimberly Boobyer

The Conservative Mama Bear

Blog Contributor

John Boerner Event Sets Chair RCSCC

John Boerner

Event Construction Chair

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